Real Time Communication

Real Time Communication

NQCS’ information management systems enable real time information and communication sharing, which is an integral part of our service.

NQCS operates off a third-party software called Cyberfreight. This is our central tracking, shipping document storage, invoicing and quoting system.

We also offer real time data through our online portal – which gives our customers access to tracking, shipping documents, etc. Automatic reminders ensure we do not miss critical dates in the supply chain.

NQCS also retains a comprehensive knowledge database incorporating our customer’s product information and detailed supply chain information. It contains information specific to the technical aspects of all our clients’ products. It includes Customs tariff classifications, eligible Customs Duty concessions, Dangerous Goods classifications, and essential compliance data.

Our product database also contains detailed data in relation to the supply chain, transport, and delivery details specific to each product and delivery destination, personnel, and subcontractor supply information.  This increases NQCS’ self-reliance and minimises involvement of our customers personnel.


Shipping Alerts

On occasion, shipments can get delayed. NQCS provides an alert function to our customers.

These include alerts for the estimated and actual times of arrival and departure. We also provide Border Force Clear alerts and delivery to warehouse/branch alerts.