Import Freight

Import Freight

NQCS continually receives and processes shipments from all over the world. Numerous domestic and international shippers depend on us to handle and deliver inbound consignments.

If your inbound shipments are taking too long to process or deliver, just instruct your suppliers to consign them to NQCS.

We will make sure your cargo is cleared and delivered to you right away!

Import freight forwarding is made up of four main areas – all of which operate simultaneously to ensure freight moves from origin to destination without delay or unexpected costs.

Order Management and Freight Forwarding

From the time a customer places an order with an overseas supplier, our services are engaged. NQCS begins the process of communicating with the overseas supplier. We coordinate the shipment booking, the commercial, transport and compliance documentation, and monitor the shipment from origin to arrival at the destination port. 


Customs Brokerage and Biosecurity Clearance

Our policy is to have goods pre-cleared through Customs prior to arrival in Australia. We manage Tariff assessment and classification, duty minimisation, valuation and origin assessment, assessment of all documentation, guidance and technical advice on Customs and Quarantine border clearance issues, compliance assurance, Customs and Quarantine border clearance, and landed costings.


Shipment Documentation and Release Coordination

NQCS coordinates and manages the documents between shippers, transport operators, our customers and other stakeholders. We arrange for the payment of all charges – Customs Duty, GST, Quarantine charges (if applicable), and port fees – to ensure timely release of goods on arrival. NQCS also monitors the arrival of shipments and ensures original Bills of Lading are available.


Transport to Depot

NQCS specialises in road transport booking and coordination. This involves providing shipping instructions, generating pre-shipment reports, and booking all transport from wharf to site. NQCS also coordinates transport around any Quarantine interventions and ensures Chain of Responsibility legal requirements are met, including the provision of Container Weight Declaration coordination.